Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Weight Loss Saga - Chapter One

I’m trying to lose weight. I would like to lose about 40-50lbs. It’s going to be very difficult due to my bad back. I can’t do any real exercise. I can walk, on smooth surfaces. Oh God, I’m gonna be a mall walker.

I’ve just started walking laps in my house. I have a long straightaway that I can do laps through. I do at least 100 laps a day right now. Sometimes 150, when I’m really motivated.

My biggest enemy is Pepsi. I love it. It no longer loves me back. It treats me like an abusive husband. I want it so bad, and it does nothing but hurt me. And I go back for more every time.

I even went so far as to write a goodbye letter to it like an addict (which is what I am). That didn’t work. I get almost panicky when I’m going to run out of Pepsi. It’s really quite sad.

I have been drinking a lot more water, which is good for my low blood pressure. It’s also helping to flush out some of the Pepsi toxins (I’m sure it’s toxic, that’s why I love it). I love Nestle’s PureLife water. It’s relatively cheap and tastes the best to me.

My other problem with losing weight is that I don’t eat well. I don’t eat at scheduled times and I don’t eat good food. I mean food that’s good for me. I don’t really eat junk food, though, either. For the most part I drink my calories.

Along with my poor eating habits are my many physical issues. As I said above, I have a bad back. I wear a new back brace for it and it works wonders. My physical therapist got it for me. I also walk with a cane. Now that that’s as good as it’s going to get, my knees are starting to go. Laurie, my PT said that’s normal with a back as bad as mine. My knees are compensating for most of my weight.

I went to an ortho specialist and he gave me cortisone shots in each knee and prescribed braces. So now I’m going to be braced from stem to stern. I’ll be bionic!

I should lose some weight just by having to lug around all these braces.

I also got a whole slew of leg exercises from Laurie. These are to strengthen my upper legs and knees. I already have a bunch of back stretches and hip flexor exercises that I do (not religiously).

So, my new weight loss plan is to:
  1. Do daily walking exercises
  2. Do daily back stretches and leg exercises
  3. Eat 4 small meals per day
  4. Limit Pepsi intake to … I can’t even decide on that!

At my highest weight I was 194.9 (no, I was Never 195lbs). I’m now down to 186lbs. I never thought I would be this big. Like I said, my goal is to lose 40-50lbs total. Here we go!

Do you have any weight loss tips for a beginner like me? Or more specifically, any thoughts for the disabled? Let me know in the comment section below!

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