Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yahoo!Voices Is Closing Up Shop

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I started writing online articles in 2008 when my back finally gave out for good. I'm starting to feel very old, even virtually. I started on, now defunct. I moved immediately to, which was later purchased by Yahoo! and changed to Y!CN (Yahoo! Contributor Network) and presented as They will be closing and removing all content on July 31, 2014. I feel old.

I'm taking this closing harder than I though I would. I've only written one or two articles this year for that site. When I got the email I thought, "Wow, that's gonna be weird with them not there anymore." I still visited the site daily to check my stats and the forum.

Now it will all be gone. Over 200 articles that got me started online. Don't get me wrong. Yahoo! is being more than fair about things, allowing all rights to revert back to the writers, but they will no longer be on the site.

I learned so much from the forums at Associated Content. Not only about online article writing, but also about forum decorum. I had very little going on in the real world at the time so I spent most evenings in there joking around.

I withdrew from that community and all the others I was involved with in 2010. I pretty much withdrew from everything. A lot went wrong at once. It's been a long slow struggle to come back and I'm not there yet. More on that some other time.

When I came back to the Y!CN forums I felt as though I'd never left. There were a bunch of new people, but all were still friendly and willing to help or answer questions.

I will likely post a few of my general articles on this blog from that site when it's gone. That doesn't mean I won't be adding new posts all the time, but there are a few older articles that I can't let go of that easily. So I'll show them to you here!

Good-bye Y!CN and all of the writers there. Best of luck to us all!

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